Japāņu valodas kursi Rīgā (Latvijas Universitāte + Yamagata Daigaku)

Ja kas kaut kur 2x gadā brauc studenti no Japānas un māca japāņu valodu gan iesācējiem gan tiem kam jau ir zināšanas bez maksas. Lai sekotu līdzi aktivitātēm, variet pievienoties šai grupai: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2192582897725195

Vienu brīdi tie kursi turpinājās arī pēc tam pie latviešu pasniedzējas.

Also, this is now a general Japanese language thread I guess. これを読める人いますか?


Pazīstu šos kursus. Intereses pēc biju apmeklējis. Šobrīd gan laika nav mācīties japāņu valodu.



For instance, I still don’t have the politeness levels down so I’m not sure if I should be using masu since we’re technically stangers or tameguchi since this is an online forum. I definitely wanted to convey a sense of politeness, so I used -masu but when just talking about me it felt weird. I’ve heard that there are people who mix, but just one Japanese person said that and I don’t know if she was being nice or not. Shame you don’t have time for courses right now. Bet nu, gan jau būs vēl iespējas.

It’s fine to use “masu”. You can’t go wrong with it. I still haven’t nailed these levels of politeness myself, so no worries. Also since this is the internet, Japanese often use casual (or short form) speech on the internet. At least that’s what I noticed. Japanese usually are forgiving of foreigners when they make mistakes using Japanese. Especially when one is still learning. It’s more like they are impressed meeting a foreigner who can speak Japanese.
I studied at University of Latvia for three years and one year Japanese courses before that. でも、あれは昔の話から、私は日本語がまた勉強しなくちゃ。


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