Would you rather

(Georgijs) #23

Immortality for me.

Would you rather game only on PC and never touch a console or play on console (one of your choice) but never play on PC?

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(Ruslans) #24

only PC, console ir pārspēlēta jau.

Would u rather go out or sit home?

(Gints !?) #25

Go out if I have money to spare , but somehow I still sit home most of the time.

Would you rather go to unicon or dream hack?

(Hades - Dark ruler of the underworld) #26

idk, es palasīju pa abiem bet Dreamhack izskatas episkāks

Would you rather, fly or be able to teleport?

(Ruslans) #27

teleport, tas ātrāks.

Saldējums vai Kvass?