Ghostwire Tokyo

Started the game today, got alot… ALOT of crashes, but guess thats because I didn’t update my drivers at all…
But curious, if anyone has played it, and your personal opinion about it ?
Seems like a interesting game so far, and quite alot of stuff to do in it.

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Pats neesmu spēlējis, bet nu esmu abus the evil within izgājis un šito no sākuma gribēja taisīt kā the evil within 3 bet pārdomāja un sanāca šī spēle. Esmu arī gameplay skatījies, ber nu ne visu, kopumā izskatās okay un studija arī vēl nav likusi vilties, so you should have a great experience ahead of u.

Its totally not like Evil Within :'D Its a FP RPG where ya need to exorcise Yokai : ) Hopefully it won’t crash this stream, I had like 5 crashes yesterday… But for the last 3h there werent any, so yeah.

And finished, for me it was a 8/10 game, after 10h it felt a bit weird, but the ending made up for it : )

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Pirmo reizi dzirdu par šo. It kā izskatās interesanti, bet nez vai man ir laiks.

Cik ilgi tas ir tev? Viena diena? :D

Well… my streams do take 4-13h a day xD But naa, it took me 15h, but to collect most or everything, thats like 35h+

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