Free* brauciens uz austirju

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Meklējam jaunus dalībniekus jauniešu apmaiņai pret naida runu Austrijā (27.12.2018 по 5.01.2019). Dalībnieku vecums 13–18 gadi.


This is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange - young people from Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Former Yugos[spoiler]lavian Republic of Macedonia and Austria will come together to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences. It is an organized learning process with a program from 27th of December 2018 to 5th of January 2019 in “Mühl-fun-viertel”, Klaffer am Hochficht, Austria.

The purpose of this exchange is to encourage tolerance among youngsters, to prevent hate speech, to provide tools to recognise racism and radicalization and to understand how they occur, what are the dangers that arise by them.
This project addresses the question of how the processes of radicalization of youth can be recognized and prevented.
The aim of this project is to focus on the dangers of youth, groups and communities, especially those young people who are vulnerable, marginalised socially excluded, frustrated, dissatisfied and unrealized - professionally, personally, socially.

We expect young people from 13 to 18 years old, interested in the topic of hate speech prevention.
No special education or training required.

Other necessary expenses (catering, lodging, local travel, activity costs) are covered by the project in full.
No alcohol or drugs are permitted during the whole event.
Maximum reimbursable travel expense is 275€.


Apply before September 30th.

Project is organized by Grenzlandcamp Kinder-&Familienfreizeitzentrum Klaffer gem (Austria) with JASMA as one of partners (
In case of questions, contact Sania (,
This project is supported by the European Commission under the current Erasmus+ programme.
Principa laba lieta cilvekiem kas velas sevi izacianat iziet nedaudz no konforta zonas ka ari auzbraukt uz austriju FOR FREE un nosvinet jauno gadu

Maximum reimbursable travel expense is 275€. (ja nosledz ligumu un pec tam neaizbrauc)

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