Anime Watch Club 6-12 May - Vote for the day and movie!

Hi, everybody! Time for the next meeting is near and we need to decide on the day and movie!

Movie to Watch
  • Saint☆Young Men (Movie)
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Wolf Children
  • Redline
  • A Silent Voice
  • Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Tokyo Godfathers
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  • Monday - 6.05.
  • Tuesday - 7.05.
  • Wednesday -8.05.
  • Thursday - 9.05.
  • Friday - 10.05.
  • Saturday - 11.05.
  • Sunday - 12.05.
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@Enemijs @Shadowrise I see some votes for the movie! Should we look forward to seeing you? :D




Just wanna spice things up for you guys. ;d

Voting has been closed! Our winner is Saturtday! And the movie is A Silent Voice even after I removed people who will not participate. :D

I think we will star in early evening, say 17:00, so that all of the people who need to see Eirovision finals can easily make it. Sounds good?


Es jau būtu ieteicis Saint☆Young Men (OVA), jo tās divas epizodes man patika daudz labāk par filmu, but oh well…