Guess anime by other user description!


(Roberts) #582

a boy and a girl gets isekaid to another world where the boy needs to make other girls pregnant to save the world (this is not hentai :))

(Ruslans) #583

conception xd

(Roberts) #584


(Ruslans) #585

yare yare daze

(Roberts) #586


(Ruslans) #587


(Roberts) #588

5 new girls transfer to the main characters school. Their grades are very bad so their father hires a teacher for them who is the maincharacter. The girls dont like him at first but later on falls in love with him and one of them marrys him.

(Ruslans) #589

gotoubun no hanayome

(Roberts) #590


(Ruslans) #591

oshieteo oshieteo sono shikumi wo.boku no naka ni dare ga iru no.

(Modris) #592


(Ruslans) #593

excuse me, but that’s a masterpiece xD Sadly I can sing along almost all song xD

(Modris) #594

hell no ;D

(Ruslans) #595

i was sarcastic, btw, but I use to love this song, now it annoys me, listened too much of it.

(Gints !?) #596

Kansai region ghoul

(Ruslans) #597

liec next

(Gints !?) #598

People riding in pair aircrafts , to make delivery’s , these deliveries are graded by stars(difficulty level), The destination can even be a war zone, In the anime the pilot and navigator are teenagers