Basically 5pb. kas arī strādāja pie steings;gate, chaos;head etc. ir aizsākuši jaunu projektu. Esmu drošs ka aniem arī tad būs gaidāma.

kek, dizaini nedaudz atgādina kā kaut ko no Persona sērijas.


Esmu ieinteresēta. :D

Baidos, ka notiks tas pats, kas ar chaos;head.

Pēc pirmā acu skatiena izskatās pēc battle royale tipa seriāla.
Taču palasot vairāk, visums ieintriģē ar savu samudžinātību. Un vairs neesmu tik ļoti pārliecināts par battle royale klātesamību.

While the game is set in 2037, the story begins a year prior on February 6, 2036, where an incident involving rampant computers results in the destruction of some of the world’s major cities. This incident becomes known as the “2036 Problem.” But a similar problem is predicted to occur in 2038. So using the supercomputer “Gaia,” an “Earth Simulator” was created. This generated “another Earth,” but was not able to determine the effects of the “2038 Problem” because the potential for human birth was low. So the scientists behind the experiment introduced the “Arecibo Message” to the equation and succeeded in bringing humanity to the other earth. The scientists rejoiced, but the new humanity inside the Earth Simulator soon created their own Earth Simulator, leading scientists to question their own existence. Are they, too, the products of an Earth Simulator?

The theme of the game is “hacking.” The hero, Poron Takaoka, is a hacker that can “loop” using an ability called “save and load,” which allows him to save and load life like a video game. Unlike Steins;Gate‘s concept of infinitely expanding horizontal world lines, Anonymous;Code is made up of infinitely expanding vertical “World Layers.” Using the “Hacking Trigger” system, the hero can intervene in the layers below his. Additionally, while its connection to the story is unknown, it’s also possible for one’s save data to be hacked (within the game world).